Jen’s Jump

Taupo Bungy…



I’ve been enjoying listening to new music here- and would like to check out more- but this artist Lorde is really big here. When Bobby came to visit in April I paused our conversations each time this song came on the radio. I still like it a lot, and see she now has made it over the ocean and there is a US Version of this music video… so I thought you might like to have a listen.


Probably the Best Blog Entry I will Post

This video explains something really cool that happened at home recently… I had a hard time not busting out laughing while videoing it. I’m visiting some really cool places and meeting great people and trying fun new things… but no matter what country I’m in, silly things like this REALLY REALLY excite me. I hope you think it’s cool, too.


Videos from the Girls’ Visit

I feel these videos exemplify the mood and fun we had during their visit. Piha was so inspiring concepts such as “The Meta-Wave” came about. And The Remarkable Public Toilet was served as so much more than just a restroom… it was a safe haven from cold wind, a source of therapeutic escape, and a great setting for some filming…


Take it easy…

I’ve been enjoying this song here in NZ- and think you might, too. I tried to purchase it but it’s not available on the US iTunes store so I’ll need to get a NZ account. (Little things you don’t think of needing to do in a new place!)
The artist Stan Walker won Australian Idol apparently, but he’s from Hamilton, NZ (less than hour from Auckland). He is of Maori descent I believe, the word “ataahua” tattooed on his neck means “beautiful” in Maori. I like how much Maori is a part of my days here, it makes for a fun cultural experience. The skirts the men wear in this video are called “poi poi”s- my students sometimes wear these in our drama or dance sessions- they love them.

Trying to use the song to myself a a reminder to myself to take it easy, live my life, and all will be fine….

(And as a brief update on life- it is. I’m really enjoying my students, am looking forward to great visitors coming soon, doing a trail run on an extinct volcano island tomorrow, biked by the sea today after work… no complaints…)