About Jen

me grand canyon

I’m Jen.  This is my first blog.  Please be patient with me as I try this thing out.

What I can’t promise:  Works of literary genius or impressive displays of blogosphere-savvy.

What I can promise: I will post to this blog as a means to try to keep in touch with friends and family.  I’m hoping that by using technology like blogging I’ll be able to lessen the sting of missing you all at least a bit.

As I head on an adventure to teach in New Zealand, I’m sure I’ll post about many things:

You can expect to read about: My new town, the people I meet, the adventures and misadventures I take.  The students I work with (to the extent I can responsibly do so online).  The running, triathloning, and outdoor adventuring venues I’ll explore.  Trips!  Any funny or ironic photos I can take, or superb people-watching experiences, will also be posted here.  Those are the best.

…we’ll just see how it goes, eh?



  1. Safe travels Jen!!! So excited for you and look forward to hearing about all of your adventures; I know there will be many!!!

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