Auckland Anniversary Day

Yesterday morning I Skyped with my sister.  She asked “So what are you going to do today?”

“Well, it’s Auckland Anniversary Day,” I replied.  “So I’m going to find out what that means….”

I didn’t do extensive research, but I checked out Wikipedia.  Apparently every province in NZ has a holiday for it’s Anniversary Day.  Auckland Anniversary Day is the anniversary of the day the eventual first governor of Auckland arrived in the area. 

…Woo hoo!!  Let’s celebrate!

I went on a run with my friend (yup, a new friend!) Ana.  It was a beautiful morning around the Orakei Basin.  Check out these beautiful water birds perched for the viewing. 


Later in the morning I rode by bike down to the beach.  I am so glad I brought my bike with me to NZ.  There will be a future blog post about that.   This was the scene from the water (this is crowded for NZ beaches): Image

There was a big regatta (Wikipedia says the world’s largest) and an air show.  I didn’t make it in time for the regatta but I did take a picture of some sailboats.



I didn’t get a good picture to show just how many vendors were at the Craft Market, but I did make sure to take photos of some of the “fun” stuff:

Image         Image

The line for American hot dogs interested me as well:


Before biking home I did a bit of reading and people-watching on the beach.  Seemed like a good thing to do when in NZ on a holiday. 



Now that I know what you are, Auckland Anniversary Day, I think I like you.



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